Grieving Widow Left Speechless After Receiving Bouquet of Roses From Late Husband on Valentine's Day

(Photo: Facebook/ShellyGolay)Widow Shelly Golay of Casper, Wyoming, and her late husband, Jim.

A grieving widow from Wyoming was left stunned and crying tears of happiness when she received a stunning bouquet of roses from her late husband on Valentine's Day.

Shelly Golay, 52, from Casper, could not believe her eyes when her colorful bouquet arrived alongside a touching note from her husband of 28 years, Jim, who died last June from an inoperable brain tumor.

"Happy Valentine's Day Honey. Stay Strong! Yours Forever, Love Jim," the note read.

(Photo: Facebook/ShellyGolay)Widow Shelly Golay of Casper, Wyoming, received this stunning bouquet of Roses on Valentine's Day from her late husband, Jim.

An emotional and confused Golay quickly contacted the florist, who confirmed that the flowers were indeed arranged by her late husband before his passing. After being diagnosed with glioblastoma last February, Jim made arrangements for his wife to receive a beautiful bouquet every Valentine's Day for the rest of her life as a testament of his undying love.

"Until the day I die I'll get Valentine's flowers on Valentine's Day and that's just a testament of his love all over again," Golay told KCWY. "He's such an amazing man and he just can love beyond boundaries. There are no boundaries with him. Even in death, he's just amazing."

In his obituary, Jim is remembered as a God-fearing, devoted husband and father who greatly loved his family.

"He was the stand-up guy, the faithful captain for God, the larger than life husband and father, always there son, brother, uncle and friend," it read.

Jessie Row, the local florist who arranged Golay's bouquet as requested by Jim, recalled the moment Golay called her.

"We all started almost bawling," Row said. "It was really touching to hear the story and know that he had done that for her. It seems like something that only happens in the movies or that you hear about."

The Golays wed in 1986 and share two children together, a daughter, Ashley, 28, and son, Colton, 25.

Golay said that she will preserve her bouquet in a bid to remember her late husband's touching gesture forever.