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'Grimm' Season 5B Spoilers: Juliette Back from the Dead as Eve

'Grimm' Season 5B Spoilers: Juliette Back from the Dead as Eve

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Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) is back, but it will not be the same Juliette that Nick (David Giuntoli) fell in love with. She rises back from the dead, but it will just be her body and her memories that will be back since she is now known as Eve.

According to Cross Map, Eve is someone who went "through some incredibly tough training where they broke her down to nothing," and is also the key against the battle with the Black Claw. Since Eve has Juliette's memories, she knows who Nick is for Juliette, and fans can expect a major scene between the two characters on "Grimm" season 5 episode 7, once the show comes back next year.

Tulloch also described how it was having a new character to play. She said that she has to watch "Alias" to learn more on how to play someone who wanted to be "incognito." "That's been really fun — skintight leather and these awesome wigs that she wears whenever she's out," the actress teased. She also hinted that a new scenery will be seen in the second half of the season. "There's also a really great new location that fans are going to get introduced to in episode 7 or 8," she said.

Meanwhile, Fashion & Style said that Nick and Adalind (Claire Coffee) might end up as a couple when the show picks up next year. The website said that the two will share a kiss in the next episode, which is titled "Eve of Destruction," and many Nick and Juliette fans were saddened to see Nick moving on with Adalind. However, the report said that Nick might still be sorting out his feelings, since Juliette "returned" in the form of Eve. It will be interesting to see how the three characters interact in the upcoming episodes, since having them in one scene seems too awkward for everyone to watch.

Watch "Grimm" season 5 episode 7 this Jan. 29, Friday, on NBC.


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