Grizzly Bear Charges Tourists, Miraculous Survival (Video)

A group of tourists in Alaska narrowly escaped danger when a grizzly bear bolted toward them.

The sightseers were watching a group of grizzly bears at the Katmai National Park in Alaska when one bear broke away from the group and bounded toward the people. The bears had been fishing in the river.

Sitting in camping chairs "from a safe distance" from the animals, the group of ten onlookers were helpless against the angry bear. The men and women had no choice but to remain perfectly still as the bear came within inches of them.

One reported that the bear had even sniffed the hood of their coat, according to the Daily Mail.

Their tour guide may have saved lives when suggesting that the group not jump or run away, which would have prompted that bear to attack. Fortunately, the bear circled the group several times disinterestedly.

Members of the tour group, Larry Griffith and his wife Cindy, said they were allowed four hours in two different locations to observe bears in the wild.

The couple from New Mexico noted that they had attended a safety class on what to do in the event of danger involving a bear before their trip.

Recounting the event, Griffith said, "All the bears were catching fish when this particular bear circled our group several times, wanting us to leave his fishing spot," reported the Daily Mail.

"This was not supposed to happen," added Griffith. "Our guide said he saw this as a bluff charge, trying to scare of, which he [the bear] did!"

While Griffith was relieved no one had jumped, screamed, or ran, he said the incident had everyone terrified for their lives.

"We were all frozen and I couldn't breathe. In the end the bear lost interest or got the message and left us alone," explained the tourist.

Watch a video with a grizzly bear charging through the water at Katmai National Park, Alaska here.