Grumpy Mall Santa Fired: Refuses to Let Kids Sit on Lap Without Purchase of $20 Photo

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(Photo: Reuters/Gary Hershorn)Santa Claus rides on his sleigh down Central Park West in New York November 22, 2012.

A grumpy mall Santa has been fired in Maine after children and parents complained that he was grumpy and mean.

The Santa reportedly received numerous complaints about being rude to parents and children, with some even complaining that Santa upset some children by not allowing them to sit on his lap.

A new, jolly Santa is now being sought by officials at the shopping mall in South Portland, Maine – one that is willing to be more "Ho Ho Ho" than "Bah Humbug."

Officials from the mall have confirmed that they hope to have the new Santa installed and ready to meet children before this weekend, which should hopefully help the atmosphere at Santa's Grotto more festive.

According to the Associated Press, one parent, Jessica Mailhiot took her six year old daughter, Chantel, to see the Santa earlier this week at the shopping mall. However, after meeting him they complained he was rude and refused to allow Chantel to sit on his lap after they said they did not want to buy a $20 photo of the visit from Santa's helpers.

The refusal to purchase the expensive memento seemed to get the Santa riled up, and when the little girl told Santa that she wanted an "American Girl Doll" for Christmas this year, the Santa replied that she would be receiving an "American Football" instead.

The stunning rejection of the festive spirit ultimately resulted in the Santa being fired from working in the mall after the mother posted her story online, sparking numerous other complaints from others who had experienced the same treatment.

Santa has not yet made any public statement about the firing.