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'GTA 5 Online' News: Making Easy Money

'GTA 5 Online' News: Making Easy Money

GTA V Online. Facebook image. May 7, 2014. | GTA V Online/Facebook

Gamers playing the massive online game "GTA V Online" can make a lot of money playing the massive multiplayer title based on a variety of tips and tricks.

The most popular ways to make money on "GTA V Online" include holding armored car and ATM robberies, embarking on easy $100,000 missions, doing Infinite Ammu-nation robberies, and using Infinite Money codes on unpatched games.

As soon as players see a blue dot on the map representing an armored car, they can immediately stage a robbery to make easy money. With a parked armored car, users can shoot the person walking towards it holding a briefcase to immediately make $5,000, or they can opt to break open the vehicle's back doors by either driving it to a body of water, or planting sticky bombs to blow the back doors open.

Staging an ATM robbery is as simple as waiting around ATM machines for people to withdraw their cash and then robbing them. With an Easy $100,000 Mission, users can opt to play as either Franklin or Michael to increase their chances of helping a child recover a stolen bike. The child, who happens to be a millionaire, will immediately hand over $100,000 in reward money.

Players can also rob Ammu-nation stores repeatedly as the money in its cash registers can re-spawn quickly. All they need to do is go to the nearest Ammu-nation store and shoot its clerk from the doorway. After taking the money from the cash register, players simply walk for a length of three cars away from the store, then go back and re-enter, where they will find the money has re-spawned back in the cash register, ready for the taking.

Infinite Money #1, #2, #3 and #4 have already been reported as patched. However, with un-patched copies of "GTA V Online" players can still make easy money.

In Infinite Money #1, Paleto Bay in the map has a sunken plane at the bottom where players can dive and find a treasure box filled with $12,000. When they switch players and dive again, the treasure box should have re-spawned, and the move can be repeated.

In Infinite Money #2, the box has a total of $20,000, while Infinite Money #3 will yield a $25,000 box, as well as an MG SMG Rifle among the wreckage, grenades right next to it, and an armor vest in some nearby rocks.

Infinite Money #4 operates on all the same principle, except for the $9,000 treasure, and hidden weapons, which include an Uzi, a pump action shotgun, grenades, sticky bombs, a sniper rifle, and a carbine assault weapon.


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