GTA 5 PC Release Date, Download & Requirements: Rumors Continue About a 32 Player Windows Game

GTA V for the PC still remains unofficial with Rockstar Games still yet to make any official announcements regarding the hugely popular Grand Theft Auto 5 game on the platform. However, according to widespread reports, the game will not only be released, but could come this year as game developers are already configuring the gameplay.


Piling more weight behind those reports, one GTA Forum member called "funmw2" has claimed to know more details about the plans for GTA V on the PC.

The user wrote: "PC Version of GTA Online will support 32 max players."

Along with that posting, the user also listed a link to a forum set up on titled "GTA V Scripts / Sources for PS3 MODZ v1." T

A script posted there read: "HUD_COLOUR_NET_PLAYER1," all the way down to "HUD_COLOUR_NET_PLAYER32."

The rumors about a 32 player version of GTV 5 are not the first to land, and already months back, others were speculating that the upcoming PC version was being designed to support 32 players at once.

Rumors concerning GTA V for the PC hit a new high last week when Amazon France listed GTA V for the PC on its website. That led to a swirl of reports across the Internet worldwide about the upcoming game, however, just a few hours after the initial listing the post was taken back down.

However, the temporary listing has sparked renewed interest in the new version of the game, which broke gaming sales records last year.

The posting left little doubt in most people's minds that the game is definitely in development, and that it's only a matter of time until Rockstar Games makes an official announcement confirming what most gamers have now been speculating about for months.

Other reports also confirm that Grand Theft Auto V PC is also listed in Germany on the Amazon website – and that this posting has remained up. The description there states that the game will be compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista, but does not list minimum system requirements. The site does list a price for the game, setting it at 60 euros, which is about US $80.

Previously there had been rumors that the game could launch as early as March 19, 2014, however, more recent reports are suggesting a date later than that.

An unnamed Norwegian retailer had initially listed March 19 as GTA V's PC release date, however, even at the time most reports suggested the date was likely not to be accurate.

GTA admins has been posting comments about GTA V on the PC to gamers saying, "Keep an eye out for info on that on our newswire page:"

A GTA V steam key has also been listed as available for preorder online in recent months, leading some to calculate that a summer 2014 release date was the most viable, according to SidTech.

"The pre-orders tell us that those who pre-order will have to wait for summer next year for the release. We take the summer to mean somewhere between July and September 2014," the website writes. "You do have to take this with a pinch of salt as at the moment Rockstar have not spoken up about a released date. Personally we thought that that Rockstar would launch GTA 5 for the PC before we got to see it on the PS4 and Xbox One."