GTA V Online Alien DLC to Roll Out Sometime in the Near Future?

GTA V online might receive a DLC in the near future that brings more extra-terrestrial related content to the game.

Various Reddit users have reported spotting mysterious pieces in the game such as UFO wrecks and the Chiliad saucer when aliens abduct Michael. They also discussed a UFO cult and found bizarre alien writings and zombies on top of Mount Chiliad.

A software update is now available for GTA V that corrects several issues with single player

The update, known as the 1.11 patch, stops players from bringing cars acquired from the single-player campaign to the multiplayer arena. The nitro boost exploit also has been removed from the title.

The patch fixed several issues that plagued players as they were unable to claim cars from the impound lot and it also corrected the problem of the Titan vehicle exploding in the impound lot. New tire smoke colors were added and there is now reinstated support for the Beater Albany Emperor, Bravado Bison, Bravado Rumpo, Canis Seminole Karin Rebel and Vapid Speedo in the personal garages of Online players.

A full list of changes can be found here.

Rockstar also rolled out the Business DLC earlier this month that gives players access to new goodies in the clothing store such as slacks, suit jackets, blouses and heels. Barbershops will be able to give different types of haircuts to go along with these new outfits. Those looking to keep it "street" will have the option to get new money-themed tattoos or masks.

Players holding a good amount of cash can put it to good use as they will have the option to purchase new vehicles including sports such as the Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R. The Vestra plane will also be available.

New weapons such as The Heavy Pistol and Special Carbine also made their way into the game with the DLC. No prices for them were announced.