GTA V Online Business Weekend Social Club Event Announced by Rockstar

Rockstar games announced a Business Social Club Event for this weekend for GTA Online players.

This event will provide players with new incentives to log back into the game and try out the latest Business Update DLC. It will be similar to the Valentine's Day Massacre event as it will also greatly boost player progression. Players will also earn 50 percent more reputation points in land races and air races and 50 percent more cash than usual.

Characters in the game such as Simeon Yetarian will now be offering more work for players looking to collect Ocelot Jackals for him. He pays well for the retrieval of these vehicles.

The Business DLC rolled out on Tuesday and gives players access to new goodies in the clothing store such as slacks, suit jackets, blouses and heels. Barbershops will be able to give different types of haircuts to go along with these new outfits. Those looking to keep it "street" will have the option to get new money-themed tattoos or masks.

Players holding a good amount of cash can put it to good use as they will have the option to purchase new vehicles including sports such as the Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester and Grotti Turismo R. The Vestra plane will also be available.

New weapons such as The Heavy Pistol and Special Carbine also made their way into the game with the DLC. No prices for them were announced. GTA Online players will have to purchase these items, and those in Story Mode will find them added to their inventory automatically with two bonus clips for each weapon.

This is the second DLC to drop for GTA Online recently as the Valentine's Day Massacre one was released just a few weeks back. Items included in that update were made unavailable as of March 2.

Rockstar games also recently rolled out various fixes for GTA V online that were meant to deal with certain issues preventing players from having a fair experience. They seemed to fix many of the glitches, however, one of them still remains that allows players to exploit a hole in the game where they can duplicate vehicles to sell and make a profit from. The cheat can be viewed on YouTube.