GTA V Online Update 1.12 Gives Players the Ability to Create Their Own Capture Jobs

A new GTA V online update numbered 1.12 brings the ability for players to create their own capture jobs in the game with a new creator tool.

This tool can be used with different game types including Raid, GTA, Contend and Hold. The sharing of these games allows players to rate jobs that other ones made using the Rockstar Social Club.

It also adds a new Lester ability that can be used to get away with some crimes and other things with no consequences. Players could call Lester and he will tell all of his cop friends to turn a blind eye to any crimes being committed in their presence.

Other changes that come with the update include a new information feed when entering or leaving GTA Online jobs, team balancing always being on for Capture Jobs, Jobs with RP multipliers being shown in Next Job Voting Screens, certain games yielding more money when less than 4 players are present, jobs ending in a draw going into Sudden Death and a new display that shows locations, health and weapon pickups displays after dying in Survival, LTS, Deathmatch, or Capture lobbies.

Various issues were fixed with the update such as the Gusenburg Sweeper disappearing and players getting stuck at the end of the tutorial mission cut scene. Quick join is now fixed and it is no longer possible to steal other player's vehicles. The garage can no longer be blocked by personal cars.

This update can be downloaded for free. Capture Creator mode will officially go live this Friday, however, the title update can be accessed today. Rockstar will also be giving out double the reputation points and GTA $ earned until Friday April 11.