Guilty Pleasures of the Famous: Backyard Water Parks and Basement Shopping Districts

The lives of celebrities can often seem so different to our own that it is hard to relate to them. However, things are perhaps even more distant that you think. Here are some guilty pleasures of the famous that may make you feel even further from some of these well known celebrities.

Some well-off folk among us manage to have the luxury of a swimming pool. However, Titanic singer Celine Dion famously has an entire water park in her back yard.

Jennifer Aniston's new beau Justin Theroux is well known for having dead deer models around his house. It is unsure whether the dead animals have been removed now that Aniston is in the picture.

Most of us have an ornament or two of some kind; perhaps ones saying something warm and quaint such as "Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." Justin Theroux however has been said to decorate his home with numerous medical models of mouths – similar to medical models of anatomy, but of the….mouth! Lovely.

Do you have a teddy bear or a doll at home? Demi Moore has a collection of 3,000 dolls and is said to like to keep her favorites in her bedroom. Ex-husband Ashton Kutcher has previously complained they gave him nightmares.

Of course if you have some dolls you might have some kind of doll house. Barbara Streisand certainly has, only she has turned her entire basement – which incidentally is bigger than most of our houses – into a life-sized dollhouse shopping district!

Many New Yorkers complain of a lack of space in the tiny city apartments on offer (for ridiculous prices I might add), however, space does not appear to be a problem for socialite Vanessa Traina, who keeps a full size model of a Zebra in her NYC apartment.