Gummy Bear Dress Uses 50,000 Candies, Inspired by Alexander McQueen (PHOTO)

A dress inspired by the late Alexander McQueen made of 50,000 gummy bear candies has hit runways and caused a stir in the fashion world. Although rare, the dress is only one of several made of unusual materials.

TWELV Magazine featured the dress in its inaugural issue, released this month. Designers Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi created the piece to pay tribute to late designer Alexander McQueen. The colorful ensemble reportedly weighed 220 pounds when finished and was molded to model Jessica Pitti's body.

Each of the 50,000 gummy bears was hand-glued to the steel frame, resulting in a massively detailed garment designed for only one wear. The photo shoot for TWELV took five hours to complete, adding to the heightened uniqueness of the dress.

While this particular piece was made from gummy bear candies, it is not alone in using unique materials. Every year, 3M, maker of tape and other office products, sponsors a prom dress competition, in which high school students can only use their products to create a designer gown. Not to be outdone, makers of Duct Tape also sponsor a similar competition.

The result has led to rather unique dresses that can also be useful should someone need a piece of tape. According to 3M, the national competitions have spawned local competitions at state fairs. The Kansas State Fair recently announced it would allow participants to enter dresses, other items of clothing, and accessories in its competition.

And of course, no one can forget Lady Gaga's unique dresses made of rare meat, stuffed animals, and beanie babies. The icon has a knack for using off-the-wall materials in her ensembles. Fans tend to expect otherworldly fashions from the singer-performer and are always left waiting to see just what she will do next.