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'Guns of Boom' tips, tricks, cheats: Beginner's guide

'Guns of Boom' tips, tricks, cheats: Beginner's guide

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"Guns of Boom" is a first-person multiplayer shooter game available for iOS and Android users. It is gaining some steam among gamers for its intuitive gameplay and 3D graphics. Nonetheless, it may take some time for players to get used to this. Below are some tips to help them get started.

One tip given by Pocket Gamer is to reload when possible, because running out of bullets mid-game can be deadly for your in-game character. This can happen much easier than you can expect, considering that "Guns of Boom" has firearms that shoot automatically. Tap the bottom right icon to manually reload your ammo. Make sure you do not do so out in the open or in the middle of the battle to avoid getting killed. Head for cover before reloading. If need be, you can adjust the settings so you will have control of when to fire.

The post also advises avoiding being trigger-happy. Instead of firing all of your bullets at an enemy, it recommends approaching the enemy from behind for an easier kill. Alternatively, it suggests taking advantage of using the zoomed sights feature to score multiple hits. It recommends taking headshots instead of body shots to bring down an enemy quickly. However, headshots should not be attempted out in the open or if the enemy is close, as this can get you killed. Instead, do it while rounding a corner or at long range.

In terms of getting high points, Heavy proposes going for kill streaks to achieve additional scores to win matches. It advises that the multiplayer option mode be used to your advantage, with teammates working together to take down enemies. For instance, one will serve as the attacker while others provide cover or serve as the team's sniper/s. It also advises taking advantage of grenades for crowd control.


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