Gwyneth Paltrow Author Controversy: Star Steals Show from Writers

Sitting next to Gwyneth Paltrow is not always a good things, particularly if you are an author with a book to sale.

Those were the feelings of at least one author, Christina Oxenberg. The East Hampton Library's 9th Annual Authors Night was held on Saturday night, hosting a slew of authors that included Oxenberg, Jay McInerney, Nelson de Mille, A.M. Holmes, Clive Davis, Nile Rodgers, Kitty Kelly, and of course Gwyneth Paltrow. Oxenberg- the author of "Life Short"- explains that she had the "good fortune" of being seated next to Paltrow.

"Due to the inflexibility of the alphabet I had the questionable good fortune to be seated directly beside Gwyneth Paltrow. Since she arrived on the late side I had a chance to make some sales to new and repeat customers. There were hugs and smiles and a bloated sense that all was well," Oxenberg detailed in her blog.

But what seemed like good fortune, quickly turned into bad luck after Oxenberg found her table crushed by a line that was waiting for Paltrow and had little interest in her own book.

"Then slowly yet unmistakably a line began to form in front of my section of table. These folks were hushed and reverential and had a particularly earnest and focused demeanor and casting furtive eyes around, clearly single minded and clearly without any interest in yours truly. Unless you count the increasingly urgent question they posed, 'Where is Gwyneth?'"

Paltrow attended the event with her husband and two kids, Apple and Moses, to promote her cookbook, "It's All Good." Oxenberg says she even attempted to sale one of her books to one of Paltrow's kids with little success. But her frustrations did not go unsupported. After the event other authors who were in attendance caught wind of Oxenberg's blog and shared in on social media.

"Author's night at East Hampton Library highjacked by movie stars with ghost- written cookbooks," Jay McInerney tweeted, along with a link to Oxenberg's blog post.

"Sex and the City" author Candace Bushnell wrote: "Author's worst nightmare: sitting next to Gwyneth at a signing. Hysterical," with a link to Oxenberg's blog post.