Half-Life 3 Still Not Confirmed, But Here's What It Would Look Like in 2014

It is unclear at this point if Half-Life 3 will ever be confirmed for release.

But even with the game's existence up in the air, fans are taking it upon themselves to create images and videos of what the game will look and play like.

New renders of City 17, an area found in Half-Life 2 were released this week and give good insight into what a new Half-Life game would look like graphically. See them here.

These pictures show a version of the game that could hit the PS4 or Xbox One. A company named Logithx made the images in UDK and wants to re-make them in Unreal Engine 4 which will improve the look.

A new trailer for Half-Life 3 was developed and released by Deviant Pictures this week.

It begins with two characters exploring a cave when they are surprised by a vicious monster. It's eerie, dark and so realistic that those who do not know that it is a fake could think that the game is actually confirmed by Valve.

The original Half-Life debuted in 1998. It is a science fiction thriller that follows the first-person shooter format, which at the time was struggling to gain prominence. This game helped to create an experience that made the genre worth playing as it sold 9.3 million copies by 2004.

The main protagonist is Dr. Gordon Freeman, who is a theoretical physicist who must fight his way out of a secret underground research facility. The research and experiments into teleportation technology in the facility have gone wrong.

Valve has not mentioned anything about a third installment, but fans refuse to give up hope on it actually being released. This new trailer and these images could stir up a buzz big enough to get the company to change their minds.