Halle Berry Fight: Altercation Between Fiance, Child's Father Revealed

After a dispute on Thanksgiving Day left Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry bruised, some sources are claiming that the father of the 46-year-old actress' daughter initiated a fight with her current fiance Oliver Martinez.

TMZ reported that law enforcement officials named Aubry as the instigator in a physical altercation that left his eyes swollen and discolored on Thanksgiving Day. The publication stated that investigators have released information saying that Aubry dropped off his 4-year-old daughter at Berry's Los Angeles home, where he was approached by Martinez.

"We have to talk," Martinez reportedly told Aubry.

Detectives familiar with the situation reportedly said that Aubry attempted to hit Martinez twice before the 46-year-old French film actor hit him in the face. According to TMZ, one law enforcement official commented about concern for Aubry's anger issues.

"It seems he's still having a hard time getting over his break up with Halle," one official reportedly said in a TMZ report.

Although Aubry will not be charged with a crime at the request of Berry, TMZ reported that he will have to attend an informal hearing at a Los Angeles attorney's office. While neither party has publicly disclosed details about the matter in the media, some high-profile figures have weighed in on the matter.

Donald Trump, business magnate who is unrelated to the situation, took to Twitter to express his feelings about the matter.

"Gabriel Aubry should learn how to fight – he became a punching bag," Trump tweeted after the incident made headlines. "Always drama with Halle B!"

Peter Thomas, "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star who is married to model Cynthia Bailey, also weighed in on the matter in an interview with Uptown Magazine.

"Halle Berry had the power to shut it down. This is a very volatile situation that she's put herself in once again. He's dropping off his daughter and all Halle had to do is come out of the house, meet the baby half way … and keep it moving and that man can go about his business," Thomas told Uptown. "Halle should take tips from my beautiful wife, Cynthia, and how she's handled the situation with me, her daughter Noel and (actor) Leon. The way she dealt with it out the gate was I couldn't even walk in her house until I sat down to dinner with her child's father. She made sure that everything was so cordial before it could accelerate."