Halle Berry Seeks Court Order To Ban Gabriel Aubry From Daughter Amid Abuse Claims

Halle Berry is seeking court permission to ban her ex Gabriel Aubry from their daughter, while he is being investigated for child endangerment.

Berry, 45, arrived at an LA court house early Tuesday where she was expected to forward her request to a judge after it was reported that Aubry had put their 3-year-old daughter Nahla in harm's way, according to TMZ.

Aubry, 36, was recently accused of assaulting Alliance Kamdem, Nahla's nanny, both verbally and physically infront of the child.

Kamdem, who was hired by both Berry and Aubry, claims that she questioned Aubry about why Nahla was not in school one day which is when he allegedly flew into a violent rage.

"You're the f***ing nanny. Who do you think you are? You are a nobody. You don't need to f***ing know anything," Aubry allegedly screamed at Kamdem.

Kamdem claims that Aubry then shoved her out of the door where she sustained injuries, which ultimately forced her to quit.

Aubry, a Canadian model, is also accused of verbally abusing Nahla, allegedly often unnecessarily bringing the toddler to tears.

Berry, who is engaged to French actor Olivier Martinez, had an on-going custody dispute with Aubry ruled in her favor during 2011.

The actress had requested that a nanny be present whenever Aubry is alone with Nahla, which a judge approved.

It is unclear why exactly the judge agreed to Berry's proposal, although legally the petitioner generally must prove why he/she believes that the constant presence of a third party is necessary and child safety is commonly used.

Although a judge denied Kamdem's request for a restraining order against Aubry, he is still being investigated by law enforcement.

A representative for Aubry dismissed Kamdem's claims telling TMZ that, "anyone can file a police report at any time, regardless of it being accurate."