Halo Couple Meets for First Time, Gets Engaged (VIDEO)

A couple who met through the interactive, online shoot-'em-up game "Halo" has finally met face-to-face after five years. The pair had previously only been in contact through the game, but that was enough to build a relationship, and the two are now happily engaged.

The dramatic moment was caught on film and uploaded to YouTube, and the couple could not be happier.

"We built a relationship as best friends for 3 years," the young woman known only by her screen name, Cadynow, wrote in the YouTube caption. "Once we talked 'face-to-face' we hit it off as a couple from then on."

The pair decided to become romantically involved after three years of online play and kept the relationship strictly online with the help of Skype and Facebook. Finally, though, the couple decided to meet in person in Cadynow's home in Texas. The video shows her running into her boyfriend's arms the minute she spies him at the airport.

According to reports, the short video has gained a following on YouTube, and the pair's story has quickly spread across the globe. The two are now engaged and busy planning a wedding, though if they choose to go with a "Halo" theme, they will not be the first couple to do so.

In 2009, Desirai Labrada and John Henry chose to have a wedding to honor the game that brought them together. The two met while playing the online game and were actually married at Otronicon video gaming expo in Florida. While the bride wore a traditional gown, and her husband a tuxedo, the officiant wore a suit of full body armor.

"I just wanted my wedding to be a little more interesting than the average wedding," Labrada told the Orlando Sentinel. "Basically, I just wanted to play video games at my wedding."

Watch Cadynow and her boyfriend's dramatic first meeting here: