Hamster Rises From Dead on Good Friday, Nicknamed Jesus (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube)Tink the hamster who was found alive on Good Friday.

A hamster apparently rose from the dead on Good Friday. Tink the hamster was found alive and well after being buried in the back garden of her owners.

According to reports, Lisa Kilbourne-Smith and James Davis were taking care of Tink for a friend when they noticed she was lifeless in her cage. Assuming she was dead, they took Tink out of her cage, wrapped her in a towel, and buried her in a 1-foot grave. When Lisa's dad went into the garden to begin crushing boxes for recycling, he received a huge surprise.

"Suddenly a little face popped out of one of them (boxes), which gave me a big startle I can assure you," Les told the Stroud News and Journal. "We've nicknamed her Jesus because it was Easter when she came back from the dead. It's amazing that she survived. She'd been out in that freezing cold all night – it was a good 24 hours."

Tink apparently crawled out of her grave and made her way into a pile of boxes set to be recycled. She somehow managed to stay warm enough to survive throughout the night, which was one of the coldest holidays on record in Stroud.

"The energy she had to dig herself out of that hole, then get along the wall and climb up into that recycling box was remarkable, really," Les added.

Experts say that it isn't unusual for hamster owners to mistake death for sleep and that Tink, most likely, survived by going into hibernation.

"However, I'm amazed by this hamster," Dr. John Auld said. "The animal's body temperature would have had to have risen to rouse it from hibernation. With the temperatures we experienced over Easter, one would think that the ground would have been far too cold for it to come out of its dormant state."

Of course, this isn't the first case of a hamster "resurrection." Last year, Dave Eyley was stunned to discover that the family's pet hamster, named Rhino, had escaped from his grave.

"We're stunned," Eyley said at the time, "but happy to have him back." In light of the situation, Rhino was also renamed Jesus.

Watch a video of Tink HERE: