Hannah Anderson Found Safe: Family Asks for Prayers During 'Healing Time'

After six days of being held hostage, Hannah Anderson has been found safe and reportedly unharmed. James DiMaggio, her abductor, was shot and killed by an FBI agent in the woods of Idaho early Saturday evening. Now Hannah's family is speaking out about her condition and their feelings about the ordeal.

"He was 'Uncle Jim,'" Hannah's grandfather, Ralph Britt, told NBC News. "We had known him for years when Hannah was born."

"Tina was an excellent mother and would do anything for her children, and apparently she just trusted Jim. We all trusted Jim; there was no reason not to, ever," Sarah Britt added. "He was great to the children and to everyone in the family, and we just don't know what happened."

Hannah and DiMaggio traveled all the way from San Diego to Idaho, before he ditched his vehicle and took the 16-year-old into the woods. Hundreds of officers from various agencies responded and joined in the search for the young girl. Thankfully they were able to quickly locate her and take out DiMaggio before Hannah could be harmed.

She "appears to be in pretty good shape," San Diego Sheriff William D. Gore said at a press conference on Saturday.

"Hannah will be in the hospital for a bit," Sarah Britt noted, though she did not provide details as to her granddaughter's condition.

Hannah's father, Brett Anderson, was extremely happy to be reunited with his daughter, especially after the loss of his wife and child. Police believe DiMaggio killed Christina Anderson and set the family's home on fire. They found the remains of 8-year-old Ethan Anderson inside the home, along with his mother's.

"I am nervous, excited and saddened for my wife and son and worried what my daughter has been through," Brett said in a text to CNN. "It's now healing time. Keep us in your prayers."

Police said that while they would have liked for DiMaggio to surrender, explain his actions, and face a trial, they are simply relieved to have Hannah home, safe and sound.