Hannah Anderson: 'Just Because I'm Strong... Doesn't Mean I Deserve Pain'

Hannah Anderson is adjusting to life after being kidnapped and held captive for several days by family friend James DiMaggio. She has returned to school and eschewed the public arena save for one or two interviews, but mainly fields questions using her ask.fm account.

When asked why she didn't run away from DiMaggio while she was kidnapped, Anderson replied, "How do you know he never had me handcuffed? Because there you are wrong. Don't assume things you don't know. Just stop."

This is a new detail that police and Anderson had not previously mentioned to the public, but many have raised questions about Anderson's behavior during the ordeal and even whether she was in on the kidnapping and went willingly.

Her mother, Christina, and 8-year-old brother, Ethan, were killed before DiMaggio set their house on fire and took off with Hannah. She revealed that she was at school when she learned of the autopsy reports for her family, which revealed that Christina had suffered several blows to the head.

"I found out about the autopsy at school and I read it. I felt so sick, I almost went home. I was crying all day," Anderson wrote.

"Why put yourself through that?" another ask.fm user questioned.

"Because I need to know what happened to them," Anderson responded.

She has put inspirational photos and sayings on her user page, and one particular note reads: "Just because I am strong enough to handle PAIN doesn't mean I deserve it."

Police spent days tracking DiMaggio's movements and, thanks to a tip from a couple, were able to find him and Anderson in the woods of Idaho. Authorities killed DiMaggio during a shootout and were able to safely rescue Anderson and get her the medical attention she required.

Since then, Anderson has been living with her father, who moved to California in order to be with his daughter. He is working to ensure that she continues living her life as she did before the kidnapping and murders.