Hannah Anderson Update: Family of James DiMaggio Seeking DNA Paternity Test

The family of James DiMaggio is seeking DNA samples from the family of 16-year-old Hannah Anderson, the girl he's accused he is accused of kidnapping, in order to prove paternity.

A family spokesman revealed that the family wants to determine if Hannah and 8-year-old brother Ethan were DiMaggio's biological children.

"We are going to be requesting from the Anderson family that we try to get DNA samples from Hannah. And if they have anything left from Ethan, that we get a DNA sample," family spokesman Andrew Spanswick told KGTV. "There has been a lot of rumors that Jim might be the father of either or both children."

Spanswick added that DiMaggio's sister, Lora, is making the request, but did not provide any additional details.

A life insurance policy left $112,000 to Hannah, but a representative for the Anderson family shot down any genetic link between the families.

"Brett and Tina Anderson did not meet Mr. DiMaggio until the sixth month of Tina's pregnancy with Hannah. Brett Anderson's DNA was used to identify the body of his dead son Ethan Anderson," the family statement said.

The man who abducted Hannah also "tortured and killed" her mother and brother before taking the teenager.

The details revealed in federal warrants detail specifically the type of torture that was administered, but they did state how authorities think James Lee DiMaggio perpetrated his crimes.

"DiMaggio tortured and killed his best friend's wife and eight-year-old son. DiMaggio also shot and killed the family dog," according to one of the affidavits. "After the double homicide, DiMaggio set the house on fire."

The affidavits were released on the same day that a preliminary autopsy revealed that DiMaggio sustained five gunshot wounds that were inflicted by an FBI tactical agent when they approached the two in the Idaho wilderness this past weekend.

The shootout put an end to a manhunt that spread across several states that began after police discovered the remains of Hannah's mother and brother.