Hannah Storm Returns to ESPN, Thanks Makeup Artists (VIDEO)

Hannah Storm, co-anchor of ESPN's "Sport Center" has returned to work after suffering major burns during a propane accident.

A longtime sports journalist, Storm was home one night in December, attempting to get her grill working. When the flame failed to ignite, Storm turned the grill off and on again, causing an explosive fire.

Storm suffered first-degree burns to her face, causing her to lose her eyebrows, eyelashes, and nearly half her hair. She also suffered second degree burns to her chest and hands.

But during her first appearance as host of ABC's Rose Parade on New Year's day, Storm referred to herself as "fortunate." Despite having "red flame marks up her neck."

"It is a long, hard road for burn victims," Storm told ABC. "I was by far the most fortunate one in my burn unit."

Storm also revealed the she was extremely grateful to hair and makeup.

"I spent an hour in hair and make up. I have on false eyelashes," Storm said before the parade, before tugging at her hair and adding, "this is all fake hair."

"When the makeup artist brushed an eyebrow on me, I almost stood up and kissed her," storm added.

Storm still has bandages on her hand, which kept her from being able to turn script pages. She was, instead, allowed to adlib. Afterwards, Storm expressed that she was grateful for the opportunity.

"I was just so happy to be there, so grateful," she said afterwards, according to the Huffington Post. "It took a lot out of me, but it went great."

"I could be myself today, just talking and reacting to what I saw," Storm added. "It was a very familiar place."

The sports anchor also cautioned people about the dangers of propane grills.