Hannibal Season 1 Finale Spoilers: Is Will Graham a Killer? Gillian Anderson Returns for Climax (PROMO VIDEO)

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Hannibal Season 1 finale is heading ever closer and things seem to be drawing towards a dramatic climax. Ahead of Thursday night's finale episode a number of latest spoilers have emerged which look to predict the drama of the final episode.

So far viewers have seen Dr Lecter convincing most that Will Graham is a killer, even to the extent that Will is starting to believe it himself. Now in the season finale episode, titled "Savoureux," Will Graham continues on his descent into complete and utter confusion and madness. He is expected to wage an battle against his own mind, with the result being that he will either finally emerge with the truth or get lost in the darkness forever.

Everyone believes that Will is the killer, and in the finale Jack Crawford is expected to set aside any affiliation he has with his colleague and arrest him.

In another twist that will have fans excited, Gillian Anderson's guest appearances on the show as Dr. du Maurier continue tonight. It is believed she will have a significant role in tonight's finale episode, and the retired psychiatrist will definitely be a fan favorite as the drama unfolds.

Kacey Rohl, who plays Abigail, has an unclear future coming into the finale episode. In last week's cliffhanger she realized the truth about Hannibal during their conversation, and it is now uncertain what the future holds for her character.

Many have been predicting that the finale will climax with a confrontation between Hannibal and Will Graham, and if spoilers are anything to go by then this is definitely on the cards.

Will will start to suspect that Hannibal isn't exactly who he seems to be, and things will become cloudy and dramatic in Will's mind, and the climax is expected to be huge.

Hannibal Season 1 finale will air on Thursday night June 20, 2013 on NBC at 10 p.m. ET.

Here is a video promo of tonight's Season 1 finale of Hannibal: