Happy Pi Day Today, What Is It?

(Photo: Reuters/David Moir)World Pie Championship judge John Young poses with two scotch pies for photographers during the judging of the competition in Dunfermline, Scotland November 7, 2007. The competition, now in its ninth year has five former world champions and over seventy bakers and butchers taking part.

Pi Day arrived on Friday, March 14 with some celebrating the event while others are left wondering what the day is all about.

Scientists, mathematicians physicists and enthusiasts from around the world are honoring the number 3.14- the universal numeral equivalent of Pi, on Pi Day today. The numerals 3, 1, and 4, as dictated by today's date (03/14/2014) are the most important numbers in the Pi formula, which is a standard ratio for any circle's circumference to its diameter. The number 3.14 continues indefinitely and includes over 10 trillion digits, but the majority of people simply use the first three numbers.

Furthermore, while some are celebrating Pi Day with discussions and debates about the number 3.14, others are literally eating pies to mark the special holiday. Pies can be both sweet and savory, with some incorporating fruits while others contain meats and vegetables. No matter the specific recipe, pies are a special staple in cultures around the world.

Regardless of the wide array of celebrations on Friday, Pi Day was first observed in 1988 and planned by Larry Shaw. Today, science and math centers around the world are holding special events for Pi Day, and Happy Pi Day became a trending topic on Twitter with many users sharing their Pi activities.

"Happy Pi Day," Jade posted to Twitter. "Enjoy the day, eat some pie, but be careful. Eat the entire diameter, you may end up adding to your own circumference!"

Fiona added, "Happy Pi Day everyone! I've bought myself an apple pie!"

"Shout out to all my follow math geeks," Emily added. "Happy pi day!"

David joked, "Happy pi day, which I assume will be a maddening reminder that the full spectrum of the order of the universe is unknowable. With pie."

Also among the Pi enthusiasts is the Maryland Science Center, where a pie-eating contest invites revelers to compete on Friday morning. For recipes to make your own Pi Day pie, visit here.