Harold Camping, Casey Anthony Become Top Halloween Costume Ideas

Harold Camping Makes Time Magazine's Top 10 Topical Halloween Costumes 2011

Harold Camping has made Time Magazine’s Top 10 Best Topical Halloween Costumes list for 2011 along with Kate Middleton and a pregnant Beyonce Knowles.

The magazine suggests those impersonating the Christian broadcaster wear a stiff brown suit, a well-worn tie and a sign that reads “Judgment Day: May 21, 2011.”

“Cross out May 21, write October 21,” suggests the magazine.

Camping predicts the “physical end” of the world will occur on Friday, Oct. 21.

Camping has previously predicted three doomsdays, the most recent one being May 21. Camping originally predicted the end of the world would include a rapture of 200 million and natural disasters for multiple days, including fires, earthquakes, and plagues, before God destroys the world.

He has now changed his tune, saying May was just the “spiritual rapture” and therefore unseen, and that the “physical rapture” would follow on Oct. 21.

He predicts there will be “no pain” for non-believers when a succession of earthquakes is expected to hit the earth Friday.

Although he has been far less vocal since his May 21 flub, Camping has affirmed he is “sure” the world will end Oct. 21.

Harold Camping isn’t the only media figure to be represented this October holiday; court case media sensations including Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox have also been predicted popular choices.

According to TMZ, costume manufacturer Rubie’s has received requests from 100 different stores for a costume of Anthony.

Being a Mormon, a GOP presidential candidate, or a Wall Street protester also made Time’s list.