Harold Camping Retired? Family Radio Founder's Daughter Refutes Claims (VIDEO)

Daughter Responds to Retirement Claims

Contrary to what one “Fellowship” attendee has reported, Family Radio founder Harold Camping's daughter has come out to say the Bible teacher is not retiring but just working from home, and that he just 'feels' retired.

 Harold Camping Retired? Family Radio Founder Backtracks (VIDEO)

A maelstrom was sparked by a young documentarian at one of Harold Camping's meetings who came out to tell The Christian Post that the 'Doomsday Prophet' was retiring.

Now Camping's daughter, Susan Espinoza, who is manager of the international department at Family Radio, has refuted those claims.

"He no longer hosts the Open Forum, but he remains the General Manager of Family Radio," Espinoza wrote in a message to CP Monday. "Mr. Camping often jokes that he is 'retired' now because he works from home instead of going in to the office. It is not a word he would ever use with a reporter."

CP received word of Camping's retirement from Brandon Tauszik, a young documentarian who has been attending the congregation where Camping held his Bible study classes.

Espinoza informed The Christian Post that "Camping's church" that Tauszik referred to, is the Family Radio "Fellowship," which gathers every Sunday in a local Veteran's Hall.

Espinoza denied that the congregation is the "station's church" in any way, although she confirmed that Family Radio used the Sunday messages offered at the "fellowship" in its programming.