Harry Styles and Ex-Girlfriend Reunion: No More Taylor Swift?

While reports suggest that Taylor Swift and Rihanna are after "One Direction's" leading guy Harry Styles, it appears that he is after an old flame instead.

New reports have suggested that Harry Styles may break through as "One Direction's" leading ladies man, as it appears that the rookie already has celebrities looking his way. Styles however, has an eye on the past and is instead considering reuniting with one of his ex-girlfriends.

A source told Now magazine that the new band has left Australia, where they were previously staying in the same hotel as R&B star Rihanna, and headed off to New Zealand. While in New Zealand, Styles appeared to be planning an attempt to connect with his ex, whose parents still live in the area.

"[Harry] still carries a flame for her," the insider said.

Styles' band mates also appear to be part of the plan and are eager to support Styles on his quest as it takes on the form of a secret mission.

"It's a secret trip and the lads in the band have agreed to go too," the source added.

Style's ex is not the only girl who has come up during the bands tour however, as the band recently stayed in a hotel room nearby Rihanna.

While promoting her new album "Battleship" in Sydney, Rihanna was questioned about the new rising star.

"Harry, yeah. I watch their videos and I remember thinking, 'Wow, he's a star.' He seems very sure. It seems, like, it's so natural to him," she told the Daily Mirror.

Rihanna admitted that she had been drawn to Styles' curly black hair and "natural vibe."

Taylor Swift has also shown interest in the new boy band idol; reports suggested that the country star had waited outside Style's dressing room just to strike an opportunity to have a chat.

However, another of Style's ex-girlfriends still isn't ready to throw in the towel yet and give her old flame up.

"Caroline and Harry have been texting a lot while the boys have been away on tour," the source elaborated adding that it's "obvious" that the 32-year-old still holds hopes of getting back together.