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Harvest 2016: Greg Laurie Welcomes New Christians to Faith

Harvest 2016: Greg Laurie Welcomes New Christians to Faith

The Harvest 2016 crusade in Georgia began with Pastor Greg Laurie telling 4,000 people that Jesus' assurance, "Don't let your hearts to be troubled," as found in the Gospel of John, is still relevant to them. At the end of the message, the megachurch pastor led 363 people in prayer to invite Christ into their lives.

Speaking at Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth, Georgia, on Friday, Pastor Laurie cited several reasons why many Americans could be troubled today, including due to the threat of violence by the Islamic State terror group and aggression from Russia apart from many personal anxieties they have.

"There's a God in heaven who loves you," the pastor of California's Harvest Christian Fellowship assured the audience on the first day of the free, three-night event, held for the first time ever in Georgia. "No matter how many sins you've committed, He will forgive you, and you can change your eternal address tonight, if you put your faith in Jesus Christ."