Hasbro Gaming Crate: Subscription Service for Board Game Fans

Twitter/HasbroNewsThe Hasbro Gaming Crate will arrive with three different board games each quarter.

Hasbro will be launching Gaming Crate, a subscription service for board game fans, this summer.

A subscription to the said service comes in two forms: Family and Party. As their names imply, the former will include games that are appropriate for both adults and kids and deliver enjoyment to the whole household. Meanwhile, the latter is meant for adults only.

The Gaming Crate will include three games that have been curated by the Hasbro team and will be delivered to customers' doorsteps every three months. Each crate will come with a theme, so customers will have an easier time setting up the ambiance of their game nights.

As the board game-themed subscription box arrives every quarter, customers will be charged $49.99 plus shipping. However, they will have the option to skip a quarter, or they won't have to be tied to the service if they no longer want it. Customers simply have to log into their account and adjust the preference settings.

Hasbro's first Gaming Crate is scheduled to arrive in August.

For the Family Crate, the theme will be Family Staycation. The featured board game is Mask of the Pharaoh, which entails wearing a virtual reality (VR) mask in order to use the game tiles. The game works in conjunction with the Mask of Pharaoh mobile app. The crate will also come with two other games that are not yet revealed. All board games included are appropriate for ages 6 and up.

For the Party Crate, the theme will be Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) with the Joe Santagato Edition of SPEAK OUT as the featured board game. It is a mouthpiece challenge game that will have players busting into laughter. It includes different edgy, adult-only phrases that are not safe for work (NSFW). The crate also comes with two unannounced games that are appropriate for adults of all ages.

Those interested in availing of the Hasbro Gaming Crate can register their interest here. For more information, Hasbro has set up a page for questions about the subscription service, billing and payment, as well as shipping and returns.