Hathaway Wants to Have a Baby, But Doesn't Know Where to Live

'Come to France,' Actress Marion Cotillard Says

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman have only been married for two months, but one of them already has baby on the brain. Hathaway revealed she is anxious to be a mother during a roundtable session with fellow actresses Sally Field and Amy Adams.

"I'm thinking about that [how to deal with paparazzi] because I really want to have a baby, and my husband and I are like, 'Where are we gonna live?'" Hathaway told her colleagues. It's the first time she's spoken publicly about her desire to have a family, The Hollywood Reporter.

The actress recently finished filming "Les Miserables," which took a physical and emotional toll on her. She lost nearly 20 pounds for the role of Fantine and drastically cut her hair for the part as well. It was an intense situation that required an intense focus for Hathaway.

She has said that Shulman is helping her return to normal, everyday life after being so focused on her role. During the interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hathaway revealed that her mother previously played the role of Fantine in a stage production of "Les Miserables."

"My mom was in the first national tour, and she understudied the character whom I wound up playing. It made me nervous to tell her that I was auditioning for it, just because I knew how much it would mean to her and I was worried that if I didn't get it, she would be disappointed, and if I did get it, it would be weird," Hathaway explained.

She shouldn't have worried, though, because her mom "was so cool about it. We talked about the character, and when I got the part, no one was happier for me."

Now Hathaway is focused on another goal, one that would put her in the starring role of a lifetime. But where should Hathaway and Shulman go to get away from the press and have a little privacy?

Actress Marion Cotillard seemed to have the perfect answer. "Come to France! We have laws," she joked.