Have You Lost Your Signal?

Learning to Reconnect With God

Many of us get frustrated when we lose the signal or connection for a service we heavily rely on such as the Internet, mobile phones and navigation systems. In such times, we may feel inept without them. And if you have ever had your car navigation system fail on you, whilst on a journey, you feel completely lost and unsure what direction to take to get to your destination. Hence, we become dependent on the signal or connection to achieve our intentions.

The same can be said about our spiritual lives. All of us are on a journey to an appointed destination God has planned for us. To assist us, we have an inbuilt navigation system called the Holy Spirit, who guides us through our individual journeys. However, somewhere down the line, many of us seem to lose our way. Why? Because we lose our signal and fail to reconnect. As for the reasons why we lose our signal, these can include busy lifestyles, challenging life experiences, distractions, religious activities, an apathetic approach to our daily devotion or spiritual growth, endless roles and responsibilities and much more.

And as a result, we who are meant to be spirit-filled, end up navigating through life blindly. By the way, this is a very dangerous place to be, as you will most certainly find yourself off track. Sadly, many of us don't realize this until it's too late.

However, the issue is not with God or the Holy Spirit failing to talk to us. This is because we have a promise that the Holy Spirit will always be with us (John 14:15-17, 16:13-15). Moreover, the Bible is proof that we serve a God who yearns to fellowship with His children. Thankfully, God is not like orbiting satellites and navigation systems that may be prone to errors, interferences or failures. And so contrary to what some believe, God has not stopped talking to us. We have simply stopped listening! Hence, we must start by looking inwardly.

So what is the answer?

Firstly, we need to retrace our steps and return to our first love. It all starts with getting before God and repenting for allowing 'life' to interfere with (if not shut down) our lines of communication. Many of us are guilty of letting our work for Him become a barrier to walking with Him daily. Therefore, it is no surprise our heavenly signal seems to gets fainter and fainter until we loose it altogether.

Secondly, we need to set time aside for God daily and make Him a priority in our lives, regardless! This includes the studying of His Word, praying, meditating, and worshipping Him regularly. By doing this, we rebuild the connection so our faint signals can become strong again.

Lastly, we need to maintain the strength of our signal at all costs. To achieve this, it could mean letting go of some roles, responsibilities and commitments you have. It could mean changing your lifestyle e.g. waking up earlier to have (more) time to pray. It could mean placing a higher priority on your spiritual development over and above what you currently feel is important (e.g. job/career, business, ministry).

Believe me, nothing in this world is as important as our relationship with God. And through the work accomplished at Calvary, we no longer have to go through a high priest as the High Priest (i.e. Jesus Christ) has made provision for our direct access to the Father. It's like having your very own personal phone line to God. So let's come boldly before the throne of grace and draw nearer to God. Above all, let's diligently connect with God daily and never loose touch with our Father.

May the Holy Spirit keep you aligned with God at all times so you know the perfect will of the Father.