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'Hawaii Five-O' Season 6 Episode 6 Spoilers: Squad Traces A Frankenstein-Wannabe Killer

'Hawaii Five-O' Season 6 Episode 6 Spoilers: Squad Traces A Frankenstein-Wannabe Killer

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It's a Halloween week for CBS' hit police-procedural drama TV series "Hawaii Five-O" and fans are expecting to see the team tackling a crime that seems to have drawn its inspiration from a character of Mary Shelley's classic novel called "Frankenstein."

Citing the spoiler report from, the episode titled "Na Pilikua Nui" (Monsters) will find McGarrett, Danny, Chin, Kono, and the rest of the squad on the hunt for a serial killer who does his crime the "Victor Frankenstein" way.

The promo trailer for the episode gave hints on how bloody and gory this episode can be. It started off to reveal that the Five-O team will be called on a crime scene "filled with body parts, lots of it." Torn limbs and ripped body organs, one could only imagine the horror that the victims had to undergo in the hands of the murderer.

Although it wasn't specified, it can be assumed that there would be some elements of "love and acceptance" that will be discussed in this episode, same as the theme found in Shelley's book.

Adding more pressure to the already chaotic situation is Jerry who gets sidelined when a gang of armed robbers attacks the blood bank while he's there. Fans should expect the conspiracy theorist and occasional consultant of the Five-O spending the episode trying to calm everyone down inside the bank while establishing communication with the guys.

Meanwhile, Danny faces a different kind of challenge that involves him being a father. The report said that he will also have to deal with his daughter Grace, who lied to him in order to sneak in to a Halloween party which proves to be too adult for the youngster.

Don't miss the action-packed episode, infused with some comedy and fun, of "Hawaii Five-O" Season 6 which airs this Friday, Oct. 30 on CBS.


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