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'Hawaii Five-O' Season 6 Spoilers: McGarrett Takes The Big Step On His Relationship With Cath

'Hawaii Five-O' Season 6 Spoilers: McGarrett Takes The Big Step On His Relationship With Cath

The next episode in the sixth season of CBS' hit police-procedural drama TV series "Hawaii Five-O" is expected to feature some of the most anticipated moments involving McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Catherine (Michele Borth). Meanwhile, the team tackles on a murder case that is somewhat linked to a much bigger crime.

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Spoiler reports for the episode titled "Ua 'o'oloku ke anu i na mauna" (translates to "The Chilling Storm Is On The Mountains"), says that McGarrett has decided to take his relationship with Catherine to the next level. The synopsis, in fact, indicates that he will make some arrangements in preparation for asking Cath "the ultimate question." Whether Catherine accepts or denies the proposal is a thing that most fans are probably looking forward to.

Executive producer Peter Lenkov earlier told Entertainment Weekly (via that Season 6 will see more of the characters' respective romantic lives getting highlighted. Lenkov particularly spoke about an "unexpected" twist in McGarrett and Catherine's relationship which will transpire "early in the season."

"We're going to be playing people's personal lives first and foremost, in terms of character arcs. We're doing a Valentine's Day episode which is going to really hammer home that theme," the showrunner said (via Yibada).

Meanwhile, Episode 3 will also see the Five-O team dealing with the murder of a scuba diver. What makes the case even more interesting and chilling is that it is somehow related to another murder. The squad had reportedly discovered that the weapon used to kill the diver may be the same weapon that was used in another murder that happens in town.

A teaser video (via Yibada) further gave some glimpses on the events that are expected to happen in the upcoming segment. The clip, although short, is enough to offer hints that this week's showing will be heavy on action and packed with romance. The ring that is assumed to be used by McGarrett when he proposes to Catherine can also be seen.

Find out more of these exciting events when "Hawaii Five-O" Season 6 airs tonight at 9 p.m. on CBS.


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