Hayden Panettiere, Zac Efron on Punk'd: Grandma Throws Dog Poop at Star (VIDEO)

Hayden Panettiere has been a busy girl as of late, as she managed to prank Diana Agron, Zac Efron, and Snooki all in one episode of "Punk'd."

The MTV show "Punk'd," a reality show that revolves around catching celebrities in laughable positions after being tricked by their fellow celebs, was recently brought to life after a five-year hiatus. The show was originally hosted by Ashton Kutcher and first aired in 2003.

Following five years off the air, in March this year Punk'd announced its return. The difference this time around however is that instead of Kutcher hosting every episode, the show now features a different celebrity host each week.

For the most recent episode, Hayden Panettiere received the honor and her first victim was "Glee" star Diana Agron. With the help of "Gossip Girl" star Jessica Szohr, Agron was humiliated by being left alone with Szohr's grandfather, who played along by making flirtatious remarks to Agron. In the prank the grandfather pressures her to touch him, clearly making the actress uncomfortable.

For a second prank Panettiere turned to form Disney star Zac Efron. The "High School Musical" star is taken by surprise when an elderly woman throws a bag of dog poop on his window in response to his car nearly hitting hers. Efron proves a good sport by acting only amused by the insult, however, things then get worse when he is pulled over by police who suggest that he may have to spend the night in jail.

The final prank landed on Jersey Shore star Snooki, who gets trapped being a "peeping-tom" - something that she had already built up a reputation for doing in the past. Snooki moves around room to room to avoid getting caught when the person she is spying on exits his house. The awkwardness of the situation continues to build until Panettiere appears to provide comical relief.