Head of the Free Egyptians Party Witnessed Attack on St. Mark's Cathedral

The head of the Free Egyptians Party (FEP), Dr. Ahmed Said, has revealed that he has an eyewitness account of the April 7 attack on St. Mark's Cathedral in Cairo.

Said reported that he did not see security forces protect the cathedral, although the interior ministry deployed security forces 10 days prior to the attack and stationed them around the Muslim Brotherhood's Guidance Bureau to protect it during demonstrations.

In an FEP conference held at the Families Club in northern Egypt, Said condemned the policies of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and wondered how long the president would continue to appear before the people and claim that all communities are in his heart.

"The opposition and the Egyptian people are begging the regime to replace the prime minister and some sensitive ministries, as a result of the decline in the economy, education and health," Said added.

"The enemies of the revolution accuse the revolution of being the reason behind this failure, but we actually tried to resist a corrupt system that linked money and power. The result was an alternative that is a mix of religion with power, which we completely reject," he added.

The FEP head detailed that confusion dominates all branches of government, and he claims that the political scene is in a very critical condition.

"The civil current members of the Shura are trying to stand against a majority of about 90 percent of Islamist members, who are passing important and serious laws that would affect the history of the nation," Said claimed.

"The law of the judicial authority which is expected to be passed would lead to retirement of 3500 judges for exceeding the age of 60, although Egypt needs those judges because they are the most experienced judges and everyone knows the importance of experience in such a job."

Said noted that his party would contest the upcoming parliamentary elections, saying that "the party that will not run for the election would destroy itself."

"We had the largest number of civilian MPs in the previous parliament," added Said, who noted that he does not have confidence in the integrity of the electoral process under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood.