Hearing Impaired 9-Y/O Girl Writes Amazingly Sweet Letter to Deaf NFL Player Derrick Coleman (PHOTO)

(Photo: Jake Kovalcik/Twitter)

Millions have been inspired by deaf NFL player Derrick Coleman, whose story of succeeding in the face of overwhelming odds was featured in a Duracell ad that's gone viral.

Nine-year-old Riley Kovalcik of Roxbury, New Jersey, also hearing impaired, was so moved by Coleman's story that she wrote the Seattle Seahawks fullback this achingly sweet letter, which her father, Jake Kovalcik, tweeted out.

In the letter, Riley empathizes with Coleman's disability and encourages him to "just try your best." She shares that she loves sports and that her twin sister, Erin also wears a hearing aid.

(Photo: Jake Kovalcik/Twitter)

As featured on BuzzVine, here's Derrick Coleman's Duracell ad, which has been viewed nearly 9 million times on YouTube. Spread the word about Riley Kovalcik's endearing letter by clicking SHARE.