'Hearthstone' DLC: Knights of the Frozen Throne Expansion Pack Now Out, Adds Death Knight, New Campaign and 135 Cards

(Photo: Blizzard Entertainment)An artwork from "Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne."

"Hearthstone" players now have 135 new cards to play with courtesy of the newly released "Knights of the Frozen Throne" expansion for the hit strategy card game.

The downloadable content (DLC) marks the arrival of the fearsome Death Knights, which endow normal heroes with formidable powers in exchange for their souls.

The "Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne" DLC includes a hunter version of the Death Knights called the Deathstalker Rexxar, which provides the normal hero a five-layer armor's worth of protection.

On top of that, it allows them to deal two damage to enemy minions and also enjoy the ability to combine a pair of animal cards for a vicious board combo.

The "Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne" expansion introduces a new Keyword called Lifesteal, which allows players to restore their health every time minions with the lifestealing ability deal damage.

The DLC also expands the game with a new single-player campaign called "The Battle for Icecrown," in which players battle "the Scourge's most terrifying leaders" in a series of solo missions ending with a showdown against the Lich King himself.

Blizzard Entertainment warns that this "Hearthstone: Knights of the Frozen Throne" addition will be a challenging one even for veterans of the card game, which is why the rewards are pretty hefty too.

Players will get a free Death Knight card when they beat the Prologue Mission, a free solo adventure and more cards packs when they defeat bosses including a vampire queen and the Lich King's pet frost wyrm.

This "Hearthstone" DLC will be the first to include no Legendary duplicates. Blizzard also assures that players will get a Legendary in the first 10 packs on top of the free Death Knight card after the prologue mission.

This is enough to convince Forbes that the studio is definitely extra generous in this DLC, which, in turn, allows them to stay relevant and even highly anticipated by fans.

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