Heat Wave 2012: Record Breaking Temperatures on Saturday

The heat wave overwhelming much of the United States will continue Saturday with temperatures of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit expected in many places.

(Photo: Reuters/Jose Luis Magana)Timmy Doyle refreshes himself at a sprinkler as he passes by the Washington monument in Washington.

New York and Philadelphia will both experience intense heat of above 100 degrees as the most powerful heat spreads to the north-eastern cities. Both cities have been experiencing high temperatures over the past week but it has not topped 100 degrees yet. However, that is all expected to change on Saturday as another jump in temperatures will see the heat soar further upwards.

Already New York is preparing, and the NYC Health Department is advising residents to take appropriate precautions. Furthermore authorities are urging residents to look out for one another – if people know if vulnerable neighbors it would be prudent to go check on them and make sure they are ready for the sweltering heat and are coping ok.

The New York City Health Department issued a reminder on Friday telling residents that heat can result in serious illness and that people should be cautious if out in the heat for extended periods.

Meanwhile, the Midwest will continue to bake and there will be no let up from the heat on Saturday. Excessive heat warnings remain in effect in a number of states including Indiana, Illinois and Iowa.

According to reports Fort Wayne, Ind. could be one of the locations hit with the highest temperatures, with 106 expected, but it will feel more like 114 degrees.

Weather reports are predicting cooler weather soon for the Midwest, which has suffered for two weeks in soaring temperatures. At least 46 deaths have been connected to the heat over the past two weeks, according to the Weather Channel. Friday saw the 9th straight day at 100 degrees or above in St. Louis, Mo., and the third straight day above 100 in Chicago.

Washington, D.C., on Saturday could break its all time record of 106, the Weather Channel has reported. Pittsburgh (103) and Louisville, Ky., (107) are also set for record breaking heat waves on Saturday.