Heather Locklear Hospitalized After Sister Calls 911

Actress Heather Locklear, 50, was rushed to the hospital on Thursday night after her sister called 911.

According to TMZ, when the fire department and Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies arrived to her Los Angeles home, they determined she needed to be hospitalized. A law enforcement official said the actress had a dangerous mixture of prescription drugs and alcohol.

The former “Melrose Place” mean girl was taken to a hospital in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

“She is in no danger and she's going to be just fine,” the Locklear’s parents said in a statement.

A spokesperson for the hospital said Locklear was in stable condition. It remains unclear what led to the hospitalization.

Hospital officials said Locklear arrived at 2:30 p.m. and fell asleep by 8 p.m.

“Her parents wanted everybody to know that she's doing well, she's fine, she's not in any danger, she's healthy," a spokesman said.

Locklear has been hospitalized several times over the years, surrounding issues with prescription drugs.

According to TMZ, in 2008, Locklear’s concerned doctor called 911 believing she had overdosed on prescription medication. When he called 911, he called Locklear’s situation a “suicide attempt.”

When an ambulance arrived, paramedics discovered Locklear was fine. She sought treatment for anxiety and depression four months later according to People.com.

In 2009, Locklear pleaded no contest to driving recklessly after she was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence, according to TMZ. Lawyers maintain it was antipsychotic drugs that impaired her driving ability.

Locklear has starred in popular shows including Dynasty, Melrose Place, and Spin City alongside Michael J. Fox and Barry Bostwick.