Heather Williams Testifies of Loss of Son, Poverty, Overcoming on New Album

This Time Around is the first full-length album release by up and coming singer Heather Williams. Having experienced poverty, substance abuse, and the loss of her son, This Time Around shares Williams’ powerful testimony.

The album features Williams’ soaring, powerful voice, and honest, transparent lyrics sung to modern pop beats.

The first single, “God Is Still God” and “You Are Loved” offer hope and encouragement, and “Hallelujah” is a piano-based praise and worship ballad. The singer/songwriter’s most personal track is “Always Been Faithful” in which she reveals: “Mine is not a story that I would have written for myself or one that I would ever wish on someone else.”

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Other tracks such as “This Time Around” and “Breathing Again” celebrate her triumph over the obstacles in her life.

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Track Listing:

1. Beautiful Thing

2.God is Still God


4. You Are Loved

5. I’ll Take it From You

6. This Time Around

7. Start Over

8. Always Been Faithful

9. Holes

10. Breathing Again