Heavy D Dead: Rapper Suffered From Blood Clot in Leg, Says Coroner

After weeks of speculation, the cause of Heavy D's death has been determined and the coroner has classified his passing as a "natural" death, despite a number of complications.

The rapper died of a pulmonary embolism from thrombosis in the veins of his leg.

According to TMZ, the coroner felt the thrombosis may have been brought on by the long flights required for his tribute Michael Jackson show.

An embolism is a blockage in the arteries of the lungs. The clots then circulate throughout the body and sometimes begin to gather in one place – Heavy's were in his leg.

Another factor that led to the hip-hop legend’s death, was his heart disease and weight.

Heavy D was planning a comeback with the release of a new album in September, his BET Awards performance, as well as making plans for a music video. These hopes came to an end after he died at the age of 44.

Heavy D was hoping his latest performances at the BET Awards and the Michael Jackson tribute show would help put him back in the spotlight, as they helped create buzz for his album Love Opus.

The funeral for the entertainer was held in New York and included a number of famous attendees.

Names like Diddy, Mary J. Blige, and a few of the Wayans brothers, as well as Eddie F and G-Whiz of Heavy D and the Boyz had been confirmed to attend.

Heavy D, also known as Dwight Arrington Myers, started rapping in 1986 with his group, Heavy D and the Boys.

The rapper's big break through came in 1989 with Big Tyme going platinum and reaching No. 1, and again in 1994 with Nuttin' But Love.

Heavy D performed at the Hip-Hop awards in October – his first live performance in 15 years.

Despite weighing 344 pounds at the time of his death, Heavy D was reportedly trying to get into shape and was very serious about his health in the months before his death.

According to TMZ, Heavy ran nearly every day and was a member of several Los Angeles gyms. Heavy D lost 150 pounds in 2008 thanks to one of his trainers, known only as Tony. The trainer told TMZ that Heavy visited Ultra Body Fitness in West Hollywood three months before his death to re-strategize his training program.

Tony said Heavy was looking to get back into the work out groove after not being active for a while. Heavy began exercising more vigorously, running, hiking and even kickboxing as he spent time at a few different gyms.

Tony also told TMZ that at Heavy's most intense, the rapper was training six to seven days a week.

Law enforcement also told the gossip site that Heavy was shopping and then stopped at a banister to gather his breathe. It was after he collapsed, that his neighbor phoned emergency services.

The hip-hop legend passed away at the hospital.