Heidi Klum Flared Jeans Labeled 'Enormous' and 'Comical'

Heidi Klum has been seen wearing massive flared jeans as she stepped out with her daughter. That may not seem like anything interesting, and she has worn flared jeans before, however, the pair worn recently was so big they had onlookers amazed.

Some are saying that the 38-year-old supermodel has taken the meaning of flared to a whole new level.

Klum was photographed taking her daughters Leni and Lou to ballet class, but her flares were so gigantic that they almost completed blocked her child from the photograph, and had people wondering how she could walk so competently and was not falling over them.

Klum and her daughter were later met by her husband and singer, Seal, who didn’t give the enormous jeans a second look. The family later went to the park where they were joined by their four-year-old son Johan and five-year-old Henry, the Daily Mail has reported.

The model has become well known for her experimental ways with fashion, but this stunt had even the most hardened fashion fans turning their heads in wonder.

“Fashion is always fun, interesting, new and different. I love to get dressed in unusual things,” she told the Daily Mail.