Heidi Wys Anti-Obama Tweet: 'I Fight Obama ... as A Descendant of Germans!!'

Puerto Rico political aide Heidi Wys is now facing heat to resign after making controversial tweets to the President that some have considered racist.

It appears that the wrath of Twitter doesn't just affect unwise celebrities and thoughtless Olympic athletes. Twitter in fact, has turned into a sort of people's court in which trial is run by tweet. Currently, the defendant is Heidi Wys- adviser to House of Representatives President Jenniffer Gonzalez-who is being prosecuted. Her crime? An alleged racist tweet.

The incident occurred last week when President Obama mentioned that his wife's birthday was soon approaching.

"Who cares?" Wys tweeted in response. "Take her to Burger King, buy her a sundae with double banana, take her to your homeland, Kenya!"

The tweet was not the first harsh response that Wys has had to Obama on Twitter.

"Wah! Wah! I feel like vomiting!" she wrote previously. "Dinner with a guy borned in Kenya and claims he was borned in Hawaii!"

"I fight Obama with all the strength in my heart and passion as a descendant of germans!!' she said in another comment.

Wys herself, howeve has insisted that she is not racist and is only fighting against Obama, who she evidently does not care for.

"Journalists who want to make an 'issue' out of my comment about Obama. I am not racist," she wrote in a different tweet. "My favorite nieces are dark-skinned! I'm Anti-Obama. I'm against him."

It was not journalists who later accused the political figure of being racist, though.

"How is it that Puerto Rico 'does it better' if the government pays an employee who is discriminating against the president of the United States?" Senator Juan Eugenio Hernandez, in reference to Puerto Rico's tourism slogan, told Daily Mail. "It is a racist comment from a person who must have great hatred within. This is placing the name of Puerto Ricans across the world in a very precarious situation."

If Wys was looking for support from Gonzalez, it seems that she will be out of luck. While the House of Representatives President did not suggest that Wys would be resigning, she also distanced herself for Wys' comments.

"The expressions disseminated are not acceptable, do not represent my sentiments and are the exclusive responsibility of those who wrote them," Gonzalez said in response to the Twitter outburst.