Henry Hill, Gangster Behind 'Goodfellas,' Dies at 69

The former mobster turned government informant portrayed in the movie "Goodfellas" Henry Hill has died Tuesday at age 69.

Nate Caserta, the son of Hill's fiancée, said Hill died at a Los Angeles hospital, according to ABC News.

"Henry was one of the most laid back chill guys ever," wrote the son of Lisa Schinelli Caserta, who was engaged to marry the former FBI informant.

"It breaks my heart my heart knowing I will never get to talk to him again," continued Caserta via Facebook.

Hill's fiancée disclosed the former mobster's battle with illness, according to TMZ.

"He has been sick for a long time… his heart gave out," said Caserta.

It was reported that in recent years, Hill had focused on amending relationships with family members. Caserta divulged he had been successful at reconnecting with many estranged members of his family ahead of his death Tuesday.

For nearly 20 years starting in 1960, Hill was a member of the Lucchese mafia family in New York. His most famous heist saw $5 million in cash from Lufthansa at John F. Kennedy International airport in 1978.

The Brooklyn, New York native changed his ways and went under the government's witness protection program before becoming an FBI informant. Hill prided himself on reforming from his criminal ways, and appeared as a guest on "The Howard Stern Show."

Hill's life story was documented in the book "Wiseguy" as well as in the 1990 Martin Scorsese hit film "Goodfellas." Hill was portrayed by Ray Liotta.

In the film, Hill loved the life of a tough guy involved with drugs, alcohol, numerous affairs, beatings, and murders. Nearly every crime in the film coincides with his nearly 20-year involvement with the Lucchese family.

On Twitter, "Goodfellas" fans are posting messages honor of Hill as "Henry Hill" became a trending topic on the social media site Wednesday.

"Just watched Goodfellas the other day, RIP Henry Hill," wrote Haley.

Many Twitter users posted uncertainty about mourning the ex-criminal.

Kazz wrote, "RIP Henry Hill for inspiriting GoodFellas. not for snitching."

"Not sure if Henry Hill is RIP worthy," wrote Clay. "But then again Goodfellas is one of my favorites."

Critically acclaimed "Goodfellas" earned dozens of awards including an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Liotta's portrayal of Hill has been hailed as his best performance to date.

Hill leaves behind two children.