Henry Winkler, 'Arrested Development' Actor, Welcomed Back to New Season (VIDEO)

The former not-so-competent Bluth family lawyer will be back for season four of "Arrested Development" in the familiar form of actor Henry Winkler, according to reports. Fans anticipate the show, which will air sometime in 2013.

"Arrested Development" first aired in 2003 but despite critical acclaim, it failed to gain the ratings. The third and last season officially aired in 2006, with no promise of renewal. However in late 2011, Netflix announced that a fourth season of the show would run on the exclusive streaming service.

With the renewal of the show, many have wondered if all of the familiar cast members would be returning. One of the first to announce his reappearance was actor Henry Winkler, the former Fonz of "Happy Days."

The actor announced his involvement in the show over the Labor Day weekend in an apparent distraction from his work.

"I am supposed to be memorizing an 'Arrested Development' scene with Maybe for today," the actor tweeted on Friday. "Don't tell anyone I was here OK?????"

"Arrested Development" has been lauded as one of the funniest comedies on television, and a number of fans have shown their excitement about its return. Judy Greer, who formerly played Kitty Sanchez, also stated that she would be back for the fourth season as well as Ron Howard, who spoke as a guest on Access Hollywood.

"I don't think I'm giving away too much to say I'm going to wind up on camera in the new 'Arrested Development' episodes," Ron told Kit Hoover and guest co-host Donny Deutsch on Access Hollywood Live in August. "I'm a little nervous. I have to shoot my first scene next week and I realized it's been really a hell of a long time since I memorized any dialogue."

The new season, which is set to launch sometime in 2013, will likely return with most of the original cast members.