Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Accusations Having Little Effect on Polls

Despite the recent sexual harassment scandal involving Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, a recent poll still shows him in a virtual tie with former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney.

Cain's campaign message was derailed over the past week, due to allegations by women of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Cain, who has been rising in the Republican presidential campaign, with straw poll victories, and an Oct.13, NBC/Wall Street Journal poll which showed the former Godfather's Pizza CEO leading the pack with a 27 percent approval over Romney's 23 percent and Perry’s 16 percent, admitted that he had been accused of sexual harassment in the past.

The businessman explained that he had been accused of sexual harassment, during his role as chief of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, but he denied he had done anything wrong.

Cain made numerous television appearances to squash the allegations and at the same time express frustration that he was unable to discuss important issues due to the scandal. He insisted that he was being falsely accused and suggested that internal investigations in the past had exonerated him of the charges.

Still, the sexual harassment reports continued under speculation that the scandal could derail the soaring Republican star's campaign.

Now according to a Washington Post/ABC poll, which was conducted during Oct. 31 through Nov.3, beginning when the news of the scandal was first reported, support for Cain remain firm.

Accordingly, Republicans and GOP-leaning independents registered their support of Cain as the party's standard-bearer in virtually the same percentage as the former Massachusetts governor, with Cain trailing Romney 24-23 percent.

This latest results represents his best showing of past polling by the two media sources, according to The Washington Post.

The poll also found that 55 percent of Republicans, a majority, view the charges against Cain as "not a serious matter," while 70 percent felt the situation had no bearing on their vote.