Hernandez Fiance, Shayanna Jenkins, May Have Hid Weapon

Investigators are on an eager search to discover the weapon used in the Aaron Hernandez murder case. Interviews have led officials to believe that the former NFL player's fiancé may be responsible for hiding evidence.

Police have searched a storage unit in the name of Shayanna Jenkins, the fiancé of Aaron Hernandez, in hopes of finding the murder weapon used to kill Odin Lloyd. Hernandez, charged with first-degree murder, has a probable-cause hearing scheduled for Aug. 22 but police have failed to find the weapon involved.

Interviews however, with Jenkin's sister who was dating the victim, and video surveillance footage, has suggested that Jenkins may be responsible for hiding evidence and misguiding police in the investigation. Police conduced a search of the storage unit, located in Bristol, Conn., on July 26th the Hartford Courant reported.

In footage taken just after the murder, Jenkins can be seen arriving at Hernandez's house and collecting a black garbage bag. The bag appears to contain a heavy, "rigid object" the ESPN reports. The object is believed to be a safe or lock box. Jenkins leaves the property, placing the bag in her trunk. After she returns, the trunk has been emptied.

Investigation of the storage unit is not the first attempt made by police to locate the weapon used against Llyod. Police have also conducted a thorough search of two properties owned by Hernandez and searched the Bristol pond near where the murder took place. It was initially believed that the gun may have been discarded in the water.

Carlos Ortiz, a second suspect charged in the case who has been cooperating with police, informed police that Hernandez stashed two guns in the basement of his North Attleborough, Mass. house after the murder occurred.

A former tight end for the New England Patriots, Hernandez has insisted on his innocence.