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Hero Mailman Saves Woman and House From Fire in Detroit Then Continues Delivering Letters

Hero Mailman Saves Woman and House From Fire in Detroit Then Continues Delivering Letters

Detroit mailman, Darrian Crutcher. | (Photo: Screen Grab via My Fox Detroit)

A mailman from Detroit, Mich., is now being hailed as a hero after he took time out of his delivery schedule Tuesday to save a woman and her house from a fire that could have burned through a whole room before the woman even noticed.

According to My Fox Detroit, firefighters responded to a house fire call on Stansbury Street in the Detroit neighborhood on Tuesday, but when they arrived on the scene mailman Darrian Crutcher was already battling the fire in a room on the upstairs of Carolyn Patterson's home.

"It really was burning," Patterson told My Fox Detroit.

She explained that she believed the fire was started after she lit incense in the home.

Crutcher says he was passing by the home when he noticed the fire and checked with his dispatcher. He said the dispatcher told him to check if there was anyone inside the house.

He said he went outside and got a water hose and hooked it up to a water tap and began facing down the fire.
"He was spraying [the fire] down and everything and knocked [the fire] down quite a bit," said Patterson. "I think this room probably would've burned up. I really do."

The humble mailman has passed on accepting the hero title but prefers to call it a blessing that he could help.

"I wouldn't say a hero," said Crutcher. "It was a blessing for me to be at that spot at that particular time," he added.

Crutcher kept working until firefighters arrived and he simply went back to delivering mail along his route.

"I said, 'OK, they there. The real firemen is here now so I can go ahead and do my job,'" said Crutcher.

Firefighters responding to the call said the mailman did an admirable job.

"He did great! I asked him after it was over, I said, 'Hey man, you should come join us! We're hiring right now!'" said David Weems of the Detroit Fire Department.

"It's great just to see citizens just stopping to do the good - the good of man," Weems said.

At one point during the rescue Weems asked Crutcher if, at any point, he thought, "Why am I doing this? This isn't my job."

The mailman responded: "No, I didn't think that. I just seen a lady in the house and a young kid outside. I just go in and do it. I know if I ... if someboy seen me like that I wish they would do me like that too."

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