'Hero' Mom Went on Strike, Won War Against Children's Messiness

Sometimes drastic situations call for drastic measures, and in the case of Jessica Stilwell, that situation called for a strike. The mother of three pre-teens had had enough with reminding them to clean up after themselves and made the radical decision to go on strike. Now Stilwell has blogged about the experiment and been hailed a "hero" by fellow mothers.

"This working mom has officially gone on STRIKE within the home!!! Nothing said, no warning…updates to follow," begins the blog Stilwell kept throughout the experiment.

After being continually frustrated with her children's lack of care or concern about neatness or cleanliness, Stilwell decided to stop "picking up, tidying, washing, cleaning, clearing, reminding, or nagging." In addition to ceasing those responsibilities, Stilwell set rules for the kids.

"There will be no laundry washed unless its sorted and beside the laundry room, and lunches will be sent in plastic bags if their lunches are not brought to the counter and emptied from the day," Stilwell blogged.

The experiment lasted a grand total of six days before the three girls decided to take action.

"I saw all this mold around the kitchen, and I didn't want it to be any messier. I felt kind of sad. I realized my mom does a lot for us and we should be more appreciative of her," 10-year-old Quinn said on the Today show.

The entire family, parents included, spent two days cleaning the house after its utter destruction and now work together to keep things in order. The girls, Stilwell noted, are doing "much better" at taking care of their own messes. Stilwell has been amazed at the positive responses she's received from her strike.

"You are my hero! I've tried to go on strike! Hats off to you!" posed Mary Ellen on Stilwell's blog.

"Truly incredibly inspiring! I hope I don't have to get to this point with my boys, but if I don't start doing something about it now, I will be striking someday, too," added Stephanie Precourt.