'Heroes of the Storm' News: Different Abilities of Garrosh, Son of Hellscream Detailed

Garrosh is a Warrior-type character inside 'Heroes of the Storm'
Battle NetGarrosh using Warlord's Challenge inside 'Heroes of the Storm'

Developers revealed just recently that Garrosh, Son of Hellscream, will be the next character added to "Heroes of the Storm's" roster. And now, they have gone ahead and detailed what this fearsome warchief can do.

As one would have expected from a character of his size, Garrosh is designed to be a Warrior-type hero. Warrior-types are capable of absorbing plenty of punishment and still dishing out damage themselves. Garrosh fits that description to a tee.

First off, this newest character's Hero Trait, known as Armor Up, grants him extra armor for missing health, meaning Garrosh toughens up as his life diminishes.

Moving on now to Garrosh's Primary Abilities, the first one he can use is Bloodthirst. This particular Primary Ability is one players will likely be using a lot given that it deals damage to enemies while also recovering some of Garrosh's health.

Garrosh's Groundbreaker is an ability ideally suited to activate against a group, while Wrecking Ball features this powerful warlord throwing an ally in order to inflict some damage and also slow down opponents.

Garrosh also possesses two Heroic Abilities inside "Heroes of the Storm."

The first of these two is the Warlord's Challenge and this highlights just how tough Garrosh truly is. Once activated, Warlord's Challenge forces nearby enemies to attack Garrosh and they are silenced while doing so.

Finally, Garrosh can also use the Heroic Ability known as Decimate. Decimate displays Garrosh at peak strength, as he lands heavy blows and slows foes down, leaving them vulnerable to attacks from his allies.

With Garrosh's abilities already detailed, he will likely enter the Public Test Realm soon, and after that, players may be able to use him in the live game.

More news about Garrosh and the other additions coming to "Heroes of the Storm" should be made available in the near future.